IP Geolocation Database

Edge products integrate support for the IP Geolocation Database provided by ipip.net.

Only with this IP Geolocation Database can functions related to geographical location in OpenResty Edge products work:

  1. In pages containing terminal IP information, such as Error Logs and WAF Logs pages, information about geographical location like the city will be displayed after the IP address.

  2. Conditions in many Page Rules and WAF Rules are associated with geographical location. With geographical location, you can set detailed rules based on the continent, country, province, city, and other geographical information indicating the source of users.

    For instance, requests of users accessing from Beijing will be proxied to the upstream of Beijing, and the traffic is limited to 10,000 requests per second.

  3. The same goes for DNS. Return the optimal resolution result by obtaining the geographical location information about the user and the serving operator according to the source IP of the user.

You can use the API token you purchased from ipip.net, or purchase one when buying OpenResty Edge products.

To import the API token into products, the first step is clicking to enter the Global Config:

Then click IP Geo Database:

Enter the ipip product token, and click the Save button. If the token is inaccurate or expires, a corresponding error prompt will pop up.

Next, the update log of the ipip database. Edge admin will synchronize the latest geolocation information database with ipip.net once every day.

And this database will be passed to all edge nodes in sync. Such synchronization is automatically finished by the backstage, requiring no participation of the administrator.

If the ipip token expires, data cannot be synchronized to the latest, but it will not affect the business logic of edge nodes.

Is there a free IP geographic information database service?

Edge currently supports 2 IP geographic information database providers, ipip.net and maxmind, with maxmind offering a free product: GeoLite2.

Need to register first, next LOGIN, and get the license key in the place as shown in the picture.


Then select MaxMind Lite on Edge Admin, paste the license key into the corresponding location, if the save fails, you may need to wait for one or two working days for the license key to take effect.