Global User Variables

Sometimes, if you need to rely on some global information to determine whether to enable some Page Rules of different applications,

Global User Variables can be the solution.

Global User Variables offers different types of variables: character string, Boolean variables, numbers, constants, and so on. Choose a suitable type to create a variable.

Below is an example of creating a global user variable of the character string type and using it in the Page Rules of an application.

This page lists all existing global user variables.

Click the Add Variable button to add a new variable.

Add a character string global variable named limit_req with the default value being 1:

The Global User Variables page now displays information about the file just added:

Then, create an application to understand how to reference this global variable:

You need to add a Page Rules under the condition that the global variable limit_req is equal to ‘1’:

Then, add a Delay action. This is how we use a global variable to control the Page Rules of the application: