Limit Traffic and Limit Rate

Rate limiting are common requirements to protect the system from unexpected traffic or malicious attacks and still provide normal services.

The following are a few common scenarios for limiting flow and rate, all of which can be implemented by adding rules to the Edge Admin console interface, and we will cover the basic operations later.

  1. Limit request rate
  2. Limit the number of requests per unit time
  3. Delay request
  4. Block client request
  5. Limit response data rate
  6. Limit SSL handshake rate

The 5th rule is for the response, the others are for request.

All actions can have more keywords to choose from: client IP address, URI, URI parameters, or requested cookie, except for the 6th one, which can only choose the client IP address as the limiting keyword.

It should be noted that all rate limit rules here are effective within the application and not across applications. This is not the same as NGINX.

For example, if a client triggers a rate limit rule for application A, that client can still access application B normally.