Installing OpenResty Edge Node in Kubernetes

1. Preparation

The following documents/information need to be prepared before installation:

  • Configuration file: openresty-edge-node.yml, please download it from the Download Center.

2. Installation

  • Login Registry
kubectl create -f openresty-edge-node.yml

OpenResty Edge Node will store the configuration information in the /usr/local/oredge-node/data directory. Therefore, if you need to reuse the configuration of the old instance instead of synchronizing the configuration after the instance crashes, you need to persist that directory.

3. Uninstallation

When no longer needed OpenResty Edge Node, you can use the following command to uninstall:

kubectl delete -f openresty-edge-node.yml

4. Getting Started

  1. Login to Edge Admin website:

    URL: https://ADMIN_HOST

    If you are trying Edge, the URL and account password for Edge Admin will be sent with your trial email.

    For the trial version, admin is deployed on our machines, while for the future purchase of the full version, we will provide the installation package for self-deployment.

  2. After login, go to the gateway clusters tab, there you will see the join request from the newly deployed node.

    According to the information in the join request, confirm that it is your own node, and then click approve.

    The procedure of approval is to add a new node to a gateway cluster. So before you approve, you need to create a cluster on the GUI, and then you can choose when you approve.


If you have any questions, please contact us.