HTTP Applications

In older versions of the edge-config command-line tool, when creating an application, the access log format required by the application was automatically selected, and the wildcard domain of the specified domain name was added to the application by default. To provide better flexibility and configurability, the new version of the command-line tool no longer automatically selects but specifies through a configuration file.

The configuration file for HTTP applications always uses app.yaml as the filename and is located in the root directory of the configuration directory:

- configs/
  |-- app.yaml


  - ''
  - '*'
  - ''
access_log_format: json_log

In this example, when a domain name does not exist in any HTTP application and a corresponding HTTP application needs to be created, the domain names specified in the domains list will be used as the domain names of the application. It should be noted that domain names should not conflict with those in other applications. The access log of the new application will be set to the access log format named json_log. It is necessary to ensure that this access log format exists; otherwise, an error may occur.