You may use this API to obtain an token and put it in custom HTTP header field edge-token to authenticate caller’s id in subsequent API callings. The default validity of edge-token is 8 hours; the maximum validity is 31 days.


POST /admin-api/user/login

JSON Body Parameters

    "remember": false,   # When remember is true, the edge-token is valid for 31 days.

Example Request


curl  https://{admin-site}/admin-api/user/login -X 'POST' -d '{"username":"username","password":"password","plugin":"Builtin"}'

Example Response

Status: 200 OK
    "status": 0,
    "msg": "login successful.",
    "data": {
        "_created_unix": "2021-07-26 00:44:40.097306",
        "username": "edge-admin",
        "edge-token": "6332de49089ec6a24567b3efcabb1012139947b0c232a52e85b88cdcb02bd530",
        "id": 1,
        "_modified_unix": "2021-07-26 00:44:40.097306",
        "role": "master",
        "login_2fa": {}
    "time": 1627290462

Usage of edge-token

Set edge-token to the HTTP header when calling other APIs, Example:

curl https://{admin-site}/admin-api/user/logout \
-H "edge-token: 2aeac420361ba6c202887452f0ffab8fffc619731cc3daffc6bc7a4707756abf",