Gateway Cluster

Here is the Gateway Clusters page. This is the cloud of out gateway. So basically we have several clusters. Each cluster is a group of machines in a particular region, usually just inside the same data center. So for example, aliyun-beijing is a cluster consisting of two nodes located in Beijing. Also we have a San Francisco Bay Area cluster running on DigitalOcean. One nice thing about our message bus is that we support going through by firewall.

The Synced Nodes column shows how many nodes in a particular cluster has been up to date regarding to the configuration synchronization.

And we can also edit an existing cluster. For example we can change the IP addresses, and also doing node level configuration here,

like how many worker processes a particular node should run and et cetera.

We can create a new gateway cluster by specifying a new, for example foo-cluster.

This section, Node Candidates, is for adding new nodes. Basically when you have a new node set up, you install our OpenResty Edge node software on that new node and also the client certificates are installed on that node, and then that node will automatically send a join request to the Admin system. And by that time we will see any pending join requests from newly added nodes here, and then we can approve the nodes and add those nodes to any particular gateway cluster. We will demonstrate that process in a separate video.