Hi, I’d like to give you an overview on our commercial product, OpenResty Edge, which is a powerful, dynamic, and distributed gateway platform. We have a sample deployment of OpenResty Edge on some public cloud infrastructure. You may want to deploy it in your own private cloud or public cloud environments, in which case you will have a different entry point for the Admin website. This is the central console for the whole product. Our sample deployment is a global CDN network for our own websites, and We call it ‘mini CDN’ even though it is already on the global scale. I’ll give you a quick tour around our mini CDN here.

First of all, let’s log in. So you’ll use a user name and a password to get access to your Admin website. We are now at the Applications panel which lists all our applications. So what is an application? Basically each domain or domain group served by the OpenResty Edge gateway is called an application.