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The orxray diff subcommand allows you to compare two reports and generate a new report. This new report will show the difference items between the two reports.

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Usage: orxray diff [PREV_REPORT_ID] [CUR_REPORT_ID]

    PREV_REPORT_ID                     Specify the previous report ID to be compared.
    CUR_REPORT_ID                      Specify the current report ID to be compared.

    --config                           Specify the config file, default is ~/.orxray/config.

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This example assumes that we are in a Continuous Integration (CI) scenario where we need to evaluate the change in application performance after modifying the application.

First, we ran the auto-analyze command to analyze high CPU usage. After the first run of this command, a report was generated with ID 1102.

$ orxray auto-analyze high-cpu-usage -A 267
Report ID: 1102

We then changed the application and ran the same analyze command again. This time, a new report was generated with ID 1103.

$ orxray auto-analyze high-cpu-usage -A 267
Report ID: 1103

Next, we use the diff command to compare the differences between the two reports. When executing this command, we should use the actual report ID output from the previous command. After the command is executed it will generate a new report link address.

$ orxray diff 1102 1103

Go to https://demo.xray.openresty.com/targets/932/batch/add?report=1104 for more details.

By accessing the given link, you can gain insight into the changes in the application’s performance and thus evaluate the effect of the changes made.

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